About Us

Who We Are

Out Here Yoga is co-founded by Shannon Crow, Laura Rust, and Nancy Perry.

Located in the earthy and action-packed mountain community of Steamboat Springs, our mission is to land you powerfully in your environment and elevate your life to the next level.

We practice Baptiste Yoga because of the real results it produces physically, mentally and spiritually. Through experiencing and embodying our core values of connection, elevation, vitality, exploration and creation we promise that you will reach new levels of fulfillment in your life.

Living life “Out Here” has many meanings. It means having discovered that you are not your thoughts and your life doesn’t exist inside of your head. It means getting present to things that exist outside of you, like other humans and nature, in order to live more freely and powerfully. It means getting curious about what you can accomplish outside of your perceived limitations.

Our yoga classes are welcoming, challenging and consistent. Our teachers are here to make a difference for you. Through a consistent practice you will see both subtle shifts and big changes in your body and in your life.

Importantly, we know that every moment you spend in nature is precious and vitality-giving. In that spirit, we chose to build our studio around an epic view of the mountains. Our yoga room features a floor to ceiling accordion window wall, an outdoor deck, and a close up view of Mount Werner. In Steamboat’s wild, life-giving environment and you shouldn’t have to choose between yoga and nature.

Come experience what it’s like Out Here with us.

be a part of the adventure

Our Steamboat studio opens this summer in Wildhorse Marketplace with an epic view of the ski mountain. We can’t wait to share the power of Baptiste Yoga, deliver impactful trainings, and co-create community offerings that will empower you to live life to the fullest out here.

Our First Month Special