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40 Days: Community!

40 Days: Community!
April 13th - May 22nd, 2020
40 Days: Community is your opportunity to discover the power of community and your part in it through yoga, meditation, and inquiry with a global online community. It is the power that we all have deep within us that connects us. When we tap into our own power, we connect to one another and together become even more powerful. In this program, you will uncover the beliefs, thoughts, and habits that keep you from experiencing your own power, and the power of community. You will see how we are designed to make things possible for ourselves and each other. You will become present to how much you matter as part of a larger contribution. As a community, we will move into the joy, fulfillment and power of being all in this together.

This entire program will take place via Zoom video conference, and therefore can be completed from the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world!


Practice yoga 6 days a week (5 virtual “in-studio”, 1 on your own)
Attend one virtual group meeting a week.
Meditate daily.
Eat Mindfully.
Read "40 Days to Personal Revolution" by Baron Baptiste.

Registration for this program is FREE. You simply must pay for your yoga. If you have an OHY Unlimited Auto-Renew Membership you are all set for 40 Days. 

For our first LIVE STREAM 40 Days, we are offering a 40 Days Package that costs $125 and covers all of your classes. 40 Days requires a minimum of 5 classes per week through our LIVE STREAM classes, so your yoga will be approximately $4 per class. 

Investment: Unlimited OHY Membership or the 40 Days Package for $125

Registration: Click here

40 Days: Community!

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