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The Power of Yoga

September 13th - November 7th, 2021

During this 8 week program, we will focus as a community on the the first two limbs of yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas. These 10 tenets originate from the ancient yogic text "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,' and are often seen as "moral codes" or ways to live your yoga off of your mat. The Yamas and Niyamas are what "Power Yoga" is rooted in already, and now you'll get to discover and learn about them in depth!

As individuals, we are each powerful, valuable, and capable. As a community, we are amplified by one another as we shine brightly together. We are so excited to learn and be together this fall!



-complete 3 or more yoga classes with Out Here Yoga and/or Out Here Everywhere per week
-create a meditation schedule (with our help!)
-journal daily on prompts provided
-attend one group meeting in person or via Out Here Everywhere per week


Led by knowledgable and compassionate facilitators, these weekly group meetings will deliver the content of the Yamas and Niyamas. The group meetings a hallmark of our OHY programs and will allow you to connect to your community, share, explore content, and ask questions. You are welcome to attend any group meeting during the week, and we encourage you to try to commit to the same time!

Meetings Times TBD


  • $50 for Auto-Renew/Year of Yoga Members
  • $190 for non-members* (this INCLUDES unlimited in-person and Out Here Everywhere yoga classes for the duration of the 8-week program!)
  • $90 for online non-members* (this INCLUDES unlimited Out Here Everywhere yoga classes for the duration of the 8-week program!)

*The non-member pricing option with activate on the first day of the program, Monday, September 13th!
**New to Out Here? Want to practice with us before the challenge begins? Join us in-studio or online before the challenge begins!

  • Out Here Everywhere (virtual and on demand classes): $40/month, no contract, cancel anytime
  • Local's First Month: $50 - our intro month for in-studio classes!



What if I've never done yoga before? Do you have beginner classes?

We've designed this program to be valuable and impactful for ANY level of practitioner, beginners and seasoned yogis. There is no prior knowledge required! Almost all of our classes are "all-levels", meaning you can come to any class! What we recommend is to mention to the instructor that you're new to the practice and we will give you all the support you need as you jump in and progress your practice. We love to talk to new students, so please, ask us anything!

Can I do any style of class for this challenge?

YES! We have a variety of styles on our schedules, such as: Elevation Power Flow, Power Flow Jams, Slow Flow Jams, Strength & Recovery, Total Recovery, and Peak Pose Flow. PS -"Jams" just means there is music to go along with the class!

If I don't complete 3 or more classes in a week, will I be "kicked out" of the program?

No! Because you have made an investment to join, we will not be removing anyone from the challenge. Do your best, love your best, and look at each day as a new beginning to see what's next!

This is a challenge... how do I win?!

If you DO complete 3 or more yoga classes every week and make 1 group meeting per week, we will give out a fun prize at the end for accomplishing this! Woohoo!

Want to sign up?

Here's the pricing breakdown and links to purchase:

$50 for current members (anyone with in-studio unlimited or current online subscribers)

$190 for future members to do the program + get access to unlimited in-studio and online classes for the entire 2 months

$90 for future members to do the program + 2 months of online access for the entire 2 months

Have questions? 

Feel free to email or chat with an OHY team member about the program or if you're unsure of which option is right for you.

We can't wait to support you!

The Power of Yoga

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