40 Days to personal Revolution

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40 Days: You 

April 5th – May 14th, 2021


40 DAYS YOU is a genuine and profound journey into the heart and soul of the incredible, irreplaceable, incomparable, one-of-a-kind YOU! Through the daily practices of getting on your mat, sitting still in meditation and taking the time to ask yourself the right questions, you will discover what you have to offer, what you really want, what you value and who you truly are. It is from a deep internal knowing of ourselves that we are able to authentically offer our unique expression and gifts to our communities and the world. Through this deep excavation of self, you will learn to love, appreciate and trust the truest, fullest and highest version of you and move from that place with clarity and direction. This program promises life-changing results and Out Here Yoga is ready to deliver on them. Let’s go to work together. It’s time to say yes to YOU.



  • Practice 6 times per week (at least 5 of your practices must be with OHY)
  • Meditate twice daily
  • Attend one group meeting weekly
  • Practice mindful eating & nutrition



40 DAYS YOU is the first iteration of our 40 Days Pro Series. 40 Days Pro programming is an upleveled version of our trademark 40 Days Challenge and offers a more comprehensive and customized approach to accomplishing your goals on and off the mat. The 40 Days Pro Series is perfect for seasoned 40 Dayers who are looking to go deeper into the work, as well as, first timers who are new to yoga and 40 Days.  At the heart of this upgraded offering is a commitment from our leadership to knowing your goals on a deeper level and standing for you to achieve them. 

The 40 Days Pro Series features:

  • A customized plan for your 40 Days
  • More time and depth in inquiry sessions
  • The opportunity to record your 40 Days with our custom Inquiry Guide Manual
  • More exclusive workshop offerings
  • Options for semi-private classes
  • Open studio sessions to get help where you need it most
  • Daily guided meditation offerings
  • Smaller groups within our team to connect and support you

Upon registration, you will receive your 40 DAYS YOU Welcome Packet which includes: 

  • Your 40 DAYS YOU Inquiry Guide Manual
  • Your 40 DAYS YOU progress tracker
  • A 40 DAYS YOU T-shirt
  • A 40 DAYS YOU wristband
  • A 40 DAYS YOU sticker


$150 program cost + the cost of your yoga membership


We are limiting the program size of 40 DAYS YOU in order to fulfill our commitment to creating a personalized and connected experience.  Registration is now open and the deadline to apply is April 1st. 


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