40 Days to personal Revolution

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What 40 Days: Create is about…

It’s time to reclaim your life. 40 Days: Create is your opportunity to listen deeply for what you want and to live as the author of your life. Embrace the unique kind of ease that comes from creating your life instead of letting life create you. Yoga, meditation and inquiry are keys to unlocking the power you have to create. As you cultivate these daily practices, you will learn to trust the part of yourself that is both intuitive and expressive, and is capable of bringing into existence anything you want. In this program, you will distinguish production from consumption, and in doing so, experience feeling more like yourself. In living a life of creation, you give yourself unlimited access to love, satisfaction, fulfillment and fun! You were born to create, and your opportunity to do so is right now.


Practice yoga 6 days a week*
Attend 1 group meeting a week**
Meditate daily.
Eat mindfully.
Read "40 Days to Personal Revolution" by Baron Baptiste.

    *5 in a OHY in-studio or via live virtual classes on Out Here Everywhere  & 1 on your own (self-led, OHE On Demand, or another studio)
    **All meetings occur via Zoom and can be found on the Out Here Everywhere class schedule


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