40 Days: Word

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September 9 - October 18, 2019
Out Here Yoga

Program Overview
In 40 Days: Word you will have the ability to create new results through understanding and harnessing the power of language. You discover the possibility that your Word can create anything you want, most importantly, in the areas of your life that you think that it can’t. You will discover that you are free to choose your own perspective, your own possibilities, and your own path. You experience wholeness through generating the courage and the willingness to say what you know, to act on what you say, and to be unstopped by the challenges of creating a new way.

Yoga practice 6 days a week
One group meeting a week
Daily Meditation
Mindful eating
Read "40 Days to Personal Revolution" by Baron Baptiste

Registration for this program is FREE. You simply must pay for your yoga. The best way to do this is to become an Out Here Auto-Renew Member for $120/month.

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