40 Days Flow

We are all capable of moving through life with ease and momentum. In 40 Days Flow, you will unblock your ability to flow by identifying and moving beyond the things that have stopped you or sent you in a wrong direction. You will embrace the impermanence of all worldly experiences, and remember what is permanent and true within you. You will become more attune to and sync up with the natural fluctuations of life to enjoy contentment and peace now while you actively flow toward your most aligned and exciting future. Open yourself up to a new experience of life.


September 11 - October 20


  • Practice 4x/week or more at Out Here Yoga (in-studio or online)

  • Attend 1 group meeting/week

  • Meditate 4x/week for 10 minutes or more


  • Mondays 6-7PM (in studio)

  • Wednesdays 5-6PM (on Zoom)

  • Fridays 10-11AM (in studio)


By participating in 40 Days Flow, you will receive:

  • new wellness and self-leadership tools

  • a deep connection to a supportive community

  • a transformation in your life.


-program fee only and you pay for your yoga with your monthly unlimited membership, Year of Yoga or Out Here Everywhere subscription

-includes unlimited yoga in-studio and online for the whole 40 Days + your program fee

-includes unlimited online yoga access + your program fee

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